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Why the world needs to go solar now more than ever

Posted On:   May 14, 2020     |    
Author:   Subha Priyadarshini

ATUM Solar Roof is both an affordable and energy-efficient addition to your building. Read on to know why the right time to go solar is now!

The onset of the pandemic has given us enough time to reflect on the choices we’ve made as species. While some are essential to sustenance, others, however, could have taken a more eco-friendly route. While it has been a chaotic couple of months for humans, mother Earth is reclaiming her throne; she’s healing, yet nurturing us with clean air, clear skies, and safe water.

From sectors of energy generation to construction, the bottom line is common-‘making Earth-conscious choices’. And as a medium for generating clean energy from a renewable source that can last for ages together, ATUM is both an affordable and energy-efficient addition to your building. Read on to know why the right time to go solar is now!

Plummeting resources

Coal generates most of the world’s electricity, about 38 percent, but it may soon run out. With finite resources that struggle to power infinite demand, we are slowly looking to renewable sources of energy to generate the electricity we need. The percentage of electricity generated using clean energy sources currently lies at 26.2 percent, and solar merely makes 2.2 percent of it. According to Forbes, global PV is expected to exceed 100 GW/yr from 2019 and triple that figure by the year 2050. Is it because solar is the most abundant resource on the planet? The answer is affirmative.

Undo climate change

Not only does going solar diminish our dependency on fossil fuels, but it also lowers greenhouse emissions—which is a crucial catalyst for global warming. Did you know with a 100 kW ATUM roof, you offset 120 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide a year? ATUM also significantly has fewer carbon emissions during installation than any other typical roof plus solar panel duo.

Affordable solar roofing

From what it was 20 years ago, solar is now the most affordable solution to generate green energy. Not only does ATUM Roof come under the same price bracket of getting a typical roof with solar panels installed on top of it, but it also fetches a high return on investment. With a payback period in just 5-6 years for a residential project, ATUM immediately starts earning for you after payback through government-issued subsidies and rebates—which means the cost of installation, operation, and maintenance are very economical.

All yours, for a lifetime

Not having to pay any power bills, the integrated solar roof is a generous innovation made to sustain urban power demands. On top of the substantial returns that the solar roof offers for your home, industry, or office, the most underrated quality is its ability to stay functional for at least 35 years. Certified to withstand heavy winds, hailstorms, and hurricanes, ATUM is also Class A fire-rated to withstand spread of domestic fires for over 2 hours and 51 minutes.

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