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Top ten reasons to choose a solar roof and not a typical solar panel

Posted On:   April 05, 2020     |    
Author:   Srujan Yeleti

Want to know how getting a solar roof can be the best decision you’d ever make? Read on!

Choosing the right solar solution can be a tough call with so many choices around. But your preference has an impact on your finances, building facilities, environment for a lifetime, making it a key determiner for energy independence. While choosing to go solar is undoubtedly a wise decision, you might ask why you should choose a solar roof, and here are our ten reasons that tell you why solar roofs are a necessity more than just a choice.

1. Powerful
Atum - powerfulWhom do you bet on during a boxing match? One with a track record. Right? A retrofit roof made using a metal sheet, and conventional solar panels cannot be trusted to withstand the wind, hail, heat and hurricanes for 30 years, while ATUM Solar Roof is manufactured, tested and certified for these extreme conditions.

2. Sleek, all-in-one
Atum - Sleek, all-in-one
ATUM has a roofing sheet made of cement and a solar cell embedded into it, making it a single product with all the features of a roof and solar panel. This seamless sophistication is not possible using typical panels in the market.

3. It is Cool
Atum - it is coolNot just by the looks of it, but ATUM also keeps your interiors cooler by 5° Celsius. While compared to a metal sheet mounted with solar panels, it's a cool choice to make.

4. Most trusted
ATUM is the only solar roof which has been certified by UL for all the features that a roof and a solar panel should have. The testing has been done in trusted laboratories of UL in Frankfurt, Germany.

5. Freedom, at no cost
Atum - Freedom, at no costYou save electricity, pay off your solar roof in 2 years, and you are free for a lifetime from the worries of power bills, conserving power, or causing pollution to the environment. It's a massive burden off your mind at a minimal investment which is paid back in a couple of years.

6. Who doesn't like some extra real estate?
Atum - Who doesnt like some extra real estate?A roof creates a floor area under it. ATUM creates real estate which is usable, and invaluable for a lifetime. When this value is monetized, you can earn the initial investment into the solar roof back, within 2 years. Don't worry; this is apart from the savings you make on electricity.

7. Unmatched aesthetics
ATUM makes your roofing beautiful. It can seamlessly integrate into any roofing material, making it versatile. When you are investing in something which goes on to your roof, it better be a beautiful one.

8. BTS-The Brains behind it
You trust a product not just for what it is, but also for who made it. ATUM is manufactured by Visaka, India's first and largest roofing and sustainable building materials manufacturer.

9. Data
If all this seems too good to be true, we have data that speaks otherwise. Ask us for it, and we'd fill you in with numerous recommendations from the clients who are using ATUM.

10. Give back to mother Earth
Atum - Give back to mother EarthWe have wounded nature for over two centuries. It is time we ensure we pay for the damages by reducing carbon emissions, water consumption, and air pollutants. You can do all these by just opting ATUM at a free of cost. ATUM does not only pay you back but also does for the mother earth.

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