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Solar Glossary 101: What you need to know

Posted On:   April 03, 2020     |    
Author:   Subha Priyadarshini

An easy guide on basic solar jargons to help your investment in a safe solar roof

When a pandemic hits the world, self-isolation gives all the time to reflect on investing in gen-next tech systems that best complement your lifestyle. One such fail-proof investment is a solar roof that keeps your home powered even during the toughest of adversaries. However, a basic understanding of the solar jargon would save you time, money and effort in making the best choice for your home, business or industry. With this list of commonly used solar slang, brush up your flare(pun intended) for the Sun!

Solar Panel
Multiple solar cells are interlinked to form a circuit— which is then mounted on a framework to make a Solar Panel, aka the PV Module. When someone says 'Photovoltaic Module', they 'technically' mean that the slab relies on sunlight to generate Direct Current(DC) electricity.

If all solar panels just converted sunlight into electricity, then any solar is a good deal, right? Wrong! You might just be investing in panels that are not efficient enough. Efficiency is the percentage of sunlight that a panel can convert into usable electricity. From having 6% efficiency to 16-18%, conventional solar panels have come a long way. The higher the efficiency, the fewer panels you'd need and the higher the return on investment.

Barring a few contraptions like air conditioners, washing machines or UPS, Alternating Current(AC) powers most electrical appliances; and since a solar system generates DC, the inverter turns DC to AC, making the power usable for the grid, as well as other off-grid networks.

Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)
A giveaway from its name, a Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) is fabricated into the building to meet its power needs. The solar modules used here replace conventional building materials, seamlessly blending into the design and functionality of a construction model. Although rare, ATUM is a BIPV that's fast-dominating construction industry's roofing sector with its integrated roofing solution with its leak-proof, weather-resistant properties.

Payback Period
Calculate your Payback Period! Payback in just 5-6 years! Been hearing these statements lately? It's time to be in the know! The payback period of a solar roof is the time taken for your solar roof to pay for itself. With a shorter payback period like that of ATUM, you'd be offsetting your power bills with solar power and go energy independent, sooner than ever!

Rooftop Solar
Unlike ground-mount solar that is an array of panels placed on the earth for large-scale, commercial power generation, rooftop solar valuable real-estate space that adds value to your property. Rooftop solar is mounted atop roofs but has the disadvantage of chipping and breakage from extreme winds, rain and hail. ATUM is a sturdy, functional roof that generates power, which means no more painfully thin hinges that can't stand the test of time.

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