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Why going solar is the best alt energy solution for the future

Posted On:   January 04, 2020     |    
Author:   Subha Priyadarshini

Rooftop solar is taking over the globe like never before. Thinking twice to switch to solar? We list down five reasons why solar PV modules are a bright idea.

With the solar industry making strides in turning power demands of the world ‘clean’, the adaptation of solar technology has seen its share of hits and misses over the last decade. Multiple subsidies, sustainability slogans and climate change campaigns later, we have learned to see the Sun in its glory, judging solar energy to be the cleanest alternative to meet rising power demands. It’s 2020 and it’s time that your choices reflect your sustainable lifestyle. Want to know the best way to do it? Just solarize it!

Here are five facts that tell you why you should be future-ready:

Solar Surplus

One hour of energy from the Sun is all you need to power the global populace for a year. However, mankind can currently utilise a mere 23% of the sun’s energy to power the globe but the transition is still in the making. Sunlight is everywhere and it is infinitely renewable; except if you live on the north and south poles of the moon. Meaning, one can harness the sun’s energy to power buildings even in places with no access to electricity. And unlike wind energy, generating solar power is noiseless and hassle-free.

In countries like India that has nearly 300 clear, sunny days in a year, the future for solar-powered homes seems brighter than ever.

Cloud Cover?

Contradictory to the popular misconception, Solar PV (photovoltaic) modules produce electricity even in the absence of clear skies. Clouds or no clouds, your solar roof will remain equally efficient.

Like most gadgets, PV modules also have their hours of peak productivity. They can be most productive between 11 am-4 pm and your property will be off-the-grid and immune to power blackouts. Oh, did we mention that they are effortless to maintain?

Green Economy

Another compelling reason to switch to solar is that it leaves a minimal carbon footprint and directly combats climate change. Our reserves of fast-depleting fossil fuels could hardly power us for another century, and they are neither clean nor free.

For those seeking a carbon offset for their industry or home, a solar roof is an ideal way to begin. Revenue generated from generating clean energy contributes to the green economy that many nations tirelessly advocate.

“What is a Green Economy?” – you may ask. It is an economic design that is made to focus on reducing environmental risks whilst seeking sustainable development.

Easy on the Wallet

You heard it. Solar systems are inarguably the best way to rid your homes of rising utility bills. While it does feel good to not pay for the power you use, rooftop solar also helps you earn while you save.

The solar industry is the most affordable than it has ever been in the last decade. With zero installation costs, solar can now be rented, leased or owned.

Quality Real Estate

The greener the construction practices of a building, the higher the real estate value. An integrated solar roof, however, goes a step ahead and creates extra space that can contribute to your income from the property.

Vastly underutilised lands and buildings can be used to generate extra revenue for a lifetime. Most of all, it’s a free shelter that generates electricity for you!

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