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Why investing in a Solar roof is the only trustworthy scheme to make money while home!

Posted On:   April 08, 2020     |    
Author:   Srujan Yeleti

You might have come across numerous schemes that lure the public, promising a monthly income while sitting at home. Most of these turn out to be Ponzi schemes, bringing losses to numerous enthusiasts rich and poor alike. But what nobody has been told, is that one can invest in a solar roof, get back investment in 2.5 years and keep earning for the rest of the life a sizable secondary income or savings. This blog post shows you all the math behind it because numbers don't lie.

Where is your buck landing?
For simplicity, let us say you are a homeowner who has a monthly electricity bill of 3000 Rs, and a roof area of 350 sq.ft capable of hosting 15 Solar Roof Panels or 5 kW. The cost of constructing a solar roof would be 500 Rupees per sq.ft, and the rest of the solar equipment and steel structure would cost another 200 rupees per sq.ft. So you would invest 800 rupees per sq.ft in total. This would be an investment of Rs 2,20,000 which can be entirely funded by a bank.

The world loves solar
Paulo Coelho did not think about solar when he said something similar. But it is right for solar power in context.
Did you know banks have a mandate to issue solar loans at the same interest rate as that of a home loan which is the lowest of all loans? Yes, they have a lot of green funds to enable this.
Similarly, for homeowners government gives Rs 80,000 subsidy on a 5kW system. This makes your total investment Rs 1,40,000. But since a bank funds you with this loan amount. You will be investing Rs ZERO.

Now that you have invested ZERO, do you Save or do you Earn?
Dint your grandmother tell you that every penny saved today is worth ten times someday in the future.
Every year your 5kW generates 6750 units or 560 units per month? How? Let us calculate = 5 x 4.5 Units of Electricity/ kW x 300 Average Sunny Days per year.
You usually pay Rs 5 or Rs 6 per unit of electricity consumed from the electricity board. But if you save this by generating solar power, you are saving =560x 5=2800 Rs per month, as you won't be paying this to the electricity board anymore. So this is savings for 5 years till you pay off your loan.
1,40,000 Rs of loan needs 2800 Rs of EMI for 5 years to pay it off.
And this is paying off the roof plus solar, i.e. ATUM and not just the solar power plant. So you are buying a roof that generates power and a real estate on a 5-year EMI scheme.
After 5 years for over 30 years, you earn Rs 2800 Rs on an average though it won't be a constant, as you won't be paying any electricity bill at all, and your loan is paid off. Rest of the lifetime it is an earning.

What more can I get out of having a solar roof?
Of course, have a 350 sq.ft roof on your terrace can mean usable real estate. In many cities, people rent out space and earn additional income, thereby increasing the monthly earnings. When hospitals and hotels install a solar roof, they create hostels, bathrooms, storage area under the roof, which is invaluable in larger cities.

Are people investing in solar?
Everybody is investing in solar. It is the most reliable, secure, guaranteed way of generating fixed income for the long term. If you are not aware that billions of dollars are being invested in solar by large multinationals, you have missed the boat. It is not very late. Buy your ATUM solar roof today!

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