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Why ATUM is the ultimate roofing solution to resist extreme weathers

Posted On:   July 20, 2020     |    
Author:   Subha Priyadarshini

Often undervalued, choosing a sturdy roof is key to a healthy building. And with the cyclones and heavy winds impending, it’s time to brace the storm with a strong roof over your head. While we do agree that the the process of zeroing on a roof is all humdrum for a layman but quality roofing is just an informed choice away. And we say that choice is ATUM Solar Roof. Curious? Read on to know why ATUM is a safe bet for roofing that stays in place, for years together.

Resilient to winds
Investing in solar can be a disappointment, especially when it’s ‘gone with the wind’ every time there’s a cyclonic storm. If it is not a long-lasting, heavy duty investment, the chances of your solar fetching you returns are bleak. But that’s not the case with ATUM. Heavy winds with speeds as high as 250 kmph have no effect on ATUM Solar Roof as it is tested and certified by Lean Maestro to stand its ground unlike traditional panels that take flight with the hinge.

Leak-proof Roof
When we say ATUM is leak-proof, we mean it. ATUM Solar Roof has a unique, leak-proof design that prevents water from the roof to enter the building, no matter how heavy the rain. It’s an ideal choice for terrains prone to frequent hurricanes and cyclones.

Powers cooling systems
With the temperatures rising and clocking record highs over the past few years, cooling systems have become an inseparable part of buildings. According to the Global Status Report by the World Green Building Council, “post 2030, India will erect buildings with 3 times more floor area and demand cooling energy services than ever before”; as the reserve of fossil fuel is soon to run dry, alternative energy sources are the best to power your high power demands.

Cooler interiors
ATUM Solar Roof checks all the boxes of being a sustainable, clean energy alternative that powers your electricity needs. Having great thermal resistance, ATUM itself is certified to minimize heat transfer into the building, keeping interiors cooler up to 3 degree Celsius.

Snow load
Certified by UL, ATUM Solar roof is also resilient to withstand hail and snow. It can bear a live load of up to 300 kg/sq.ft live load and a dead load that weighs 150 kg/sq.ft, more than adequate to combat regions with rough winters and piling snow.

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